Playing Townhouse Tag in the Near Northside

It’s tagger war! Always on the lookout for dramatic artistic expression, blogger Sean Carroll snaps photos of the custom balcony paint jobs on this set of unfinished townhomes not far from his home. The site: Eichwurzel Ln., just west of Lindale Park and steps from the I-45 feeder. Reports Carroll:

they’ve been tagged for about two or three months, the parking lot in front of the townhomes is a messy half-finished lot, and it looks like they never finished the buildings. no occupants. kids are sneaking in and tagging the hell out of the inside probably too…

More views:


According to HAR records, 408 Eichwurzel D and E are under new ownership — as of mid-July.

Photos: Sean Morrissey Carroll

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  • looks kinda cool.

  • Although I am a in opposition of anything “Ghetto” I agree with “d.” At least it adds something to this otherwise uncreative box they call a townhouse.

  • Are you 2 f***ing kidding me? When did it become cool to destroy others’ property?

  • It certainly isn’t cool to vandalize other people’s property, *BUT* that little splash of green, yellow, and red is about the only thing aesthetically pleasing about the buildings. They’re boxes covered in neutral-colored Hardiplank! No overhangs, no trim, no windowsills on the undersized and oddly-placed windows, not even a silly brick veneer on one side like Perry Homes. What person could possibly design this cr*p? I don’t like modernist myself, but this isn’t even good modernist!

  • Also, as an aesthetic aside, is it some sort of tradition, or just the mechanics of writing with a spray can, that all graffiti, no matter where, seems to have the same writing style (the font, as it were) ?

  • WORST.

  • I pass by these boxes nearly every day on the way home. Three of the ugliest things every built. Only competition is some similar boxes built on the South SH Tollway some years ago. Those are torn down now, thankfully.

    Dare we hope for the same fate for these?

  • Ok, surely Dave, having “a silly brick veneer on one side” would not make these townhomes better.
    In fact, I believe in another part of town, they would be lived in right now.
    BEING LIVED IN is all they need! They’re not inherently evil really. IF built to modern, efficient standards, they are damn good places to live!
    …some bouganvilla & tomatoes trellised up the side of the home, palms near the property line, colorful geometic shade-sails affixed to the high verandas, blade-type awnings on the south- and west-side windows…
    It’s just a place to live afterall!

  • Tags are in that font because there’s an art history to it that started in the 60s. It’s like pop art; people still make it today, but most of it is hackneyed trite. You really have to push the envelope to do something exceptional while using that bubble-letter style (or any tagger staple).

    Lots of people have moved on to wheatpasting. There is still a group devoted to it because of their environment- just like people who sit in gardens decide to take a class and paint Impressionist paintings.

    ps- there is a silly low brick wall about five feet away. Not enough bricks for a veneer.

  • Dave, why don’t you ask the owner of these properties whether or not they find the graffitti “aesthetically pleasing”? My guess is that they won’t agree with you. Besides, is it their obligation to develop property that you find aesthetically pleasing? It’s a sad day when folks become comfortable with criminal activity for the sake of aesthetics.

  • Dave – one more question for you. If you find the graffitti so “aesthetically pleasing” why don’t you volunteer to reimburse the owner for the costs they are certainly going to incur to erase any sign of criminal damage that has been done to make the house market ready?

  • I don’t think the graffiti or “criminal activity” per se is aethetically pleasing, but the existence of some color certainly is. And I should hope developers expect *someone* to find their houses aethetically pleasing, and thus buy them, right? I also agree that some awnings, a shade canopy, some trees and plants, etc. would go a long way to help, but it would bother me as a seller to realize you had to put that much lipstick on my pig. I admit the houses aren’t evil, I just think they’re ugly, the same way (apologies to my aunt) country-blue-with-ducks makes me want to weep.

  • Elizabeth says, “When did it become cool to destroy others’ property?”

    Looks to me like the builders are destroying the properties of their neighbors.

  • Emme, you have hit the nail on the head.

  • This maybe a joke to you guys but for those of us who live in these neighborhoods it’s a real problem. It’s NOT art to us. Please help our neighborhood by reporting this property to the city’s 311 website @
    The address to these buildings is:
    412 Eichwurzel Lane Houston Texas 77009.