Plenty of Roofing Work in Katy!

PLENTY OF ROOFING WORK IN KATY! “There are thousands of homes built by companies like Pulte in this part of town circa 1994-1997. Their margins were very thin because houses were so cheap. These companies used the lousiest of building materials they could get away with. Lots of these houses now need new roofs, and their owners may not even know it. Houses with rotted decking.” [Lou Minatti]

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  • Look I can really help you and save you money with the recession going on now. The work is top notch and he will work until it’s right. If it’s any problems the work is free. If you can give me a call. I reassure you the work can be done in days depending how much work it is. Please e mail me so we can handle this problem A.S.A.P. I promise you give me a chance and watch how I work.