Poking Around the Mini-Woodlands Campus at Hughes Landing ExxonMobil’s Northern Employees Will Move To in October

Embassy Suites and ExxonMobil Building at Hughes Landing, The Woodlands, Texas

Real Estate Bisnow reporter Catie Dixon comes back from another tour of Hughes Landing with a couple pics showing construction progress on the 2 office buildings ExxonMobil is leasing as a pied à lac for a few select employee groups, 7 miles north of its new main campus. You can see part of one of the buildings at left of center in the photo above — next door to the unskinned Embassy Suites. And here’s a closer view:


ExxonMobil Buildings at Hughes Landing, The Woodlands, Texas

Designated workers in IT, finance, legal, and administration are scheduled to move into the Kirksey-designed buildings in October. For lunchtimes, they’ll have easy access to Hughes Landing’s waterfront restaurant row, seen here under construction, in front of the just-opened One Lakes Edge apartment complex:

Restaurant Row and One Lakes Edge Apartment Complex, Hughes Landing, The Woodlands

Photos: Catie Dixon

Satellite Offices

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  • Its good that they stick us engineers off somewhere else. Let legal, accounting and IT enjoy the luxury lifestyle. Us bottom feeders can go shoot a couple of hours of golf next door at Top Golf.

  • I feel sorry for the employees who don’t live in the woodlands, which is most I would imagine.