Pools and Ponds Back To Holding Water Again After Flood Repairs Subside on Parkside at Memorial’s Amenities

See that faint watermark in the aerial photo taken from up on the balcony? That’s the lap pool at the Parkside at Memorial Apartments just south of Memorial Dr., buried under more water than it’s designed to hold after the release of the Addicks and Barker reservoirs last August. Throughout the first floor of the surrounding buildings, the tide peaked at over 5-and-a-half ft. Workers spent the last 9 months helping the 4-year-old complex make a comeback; its leasing center officially reopened late last month — and on-site amenities now look less divey and more like the refurbished lap pool shown in the photo at top.

Other aquatic areas that took on more than they could handle include the complex’s other pool:


Along with a backyard detention pond:

The second pool deck has been refurnished like so:

An official grand re-opening of the leasing center is planned for July 26:

Photos: Parkside at Memorial

The Deep End

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  • I swore out loud seeing this on the Swamplot feed. I lived here during the flood (second floor, overlooking the lap pool… I can see my old balcony from the second shot!), and I have some pretty wild pictures and videos. The leasing team at Parkside was amazing, both during the flood and when we were able to get back in afterwards.