Possible Scam Targeted Katy-Area HOAs

POSSIBLE SCAM TARGETED KATY-AREA HOAS Complaints from 3 suburban homeowners’ associations — including the one for the Estates of Avalon at Seven Meadows gated community west of the Grand Parkway near Fry Rd. in Katy — have been filed against Arrow Community Management, alleging the Cinco Ranch management company misappropriated HOA funds. Arrow’s owner, Taggert Mayfield, received a sentence of 3 years’ deferred adjudication earlier this month after he pled guilty to mishandling $20,000 in HOA funds. Sgt. David Schultz of the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office tells reporter Deborah Wrigley that one new report he’s investigating claims an Arrow-managed HOA is missing about $120,000. The company, which appears to have shut down its operations, had contracts with more than a dozen HOAs in Harris and Fort Bend Counties. [abc13] Photo of Estates of Avalon at Seven Meadows: Keller Williams Premier Realty

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  • Sgt. “I see nothing” Schultz? Bet he’s never heard that before.

  • I’m wondering about the incidence rate of fraud involving HOA’s in relation to other non-profits. Seems like they are a haven for this type of activity.

  • Superdave there is little to wonder about. They all pad the invoices as they say and make off like bandits. Probably because they ARE bandits. And if you complain, or dare to suggest they be sued, well, be prepared for the avalanche of “violation” notices complete with $200 fines and of course eventually the notice that you didn’t pay the HOA fee. Must have gotten lost in the mail as they say. Usually lost in a trash basket right after the mail was delivered. As for the homeowners who always proclaim these management companies are the best thing since sliced bread, well, usually they are in “good standing” meaning the management company harasses the neighbors they want to get rid of.

    You find two types of people who buy in communities with HOAs. Sadists and masochists.

  • HOA’s : another government approved fee scheme !!!