Post HTX’s Potential; 12 Days Left To Solve White Oak Music Hall’s Permit Problems


Photo: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Super Bowl Visitor 1: What should we do while we’re in Houston?
    Super Bowl Visitor 2: I hear they’re going to have a pop up mall.
    SBV1: What’s that?
    SBV2: It’s a shopping mall that isn’t there, then it is, then it isn’t.
    SBV1: But seriously, what should we do while we’re in Houston?
    SBV2: Hookers and blow, I guess.

  • Twelve breweries in Houston, 36 in the region, and somehow the price of a six pack keeps increasing.

  • How tall are those gates in Acres Homes? 30 feet? Electrified with razor wire?

  • Kids: Put on some sad violin music and gather around. Richard Florida is going to tell us a sob story.

  • Who are the people buying $400,000 townhomes in Acres Homes?

  • “Houston has higher levels of inequality and segregation than every U.S. metro except New York and Los Angeles, according to an analysis famed author and researcher Richard Florida”

    Lets see …. Houston is either the 3th or 4th largest and it is just under the 1st and 2nd largest …. hmmm …. imagine that? There is a point when statistics become misleading …..

  • If you don’t believe the Richard Florida guy, just drive around. You’ll see neighborhoods full of rich people driving on well paved streets, using smooth sidewalks, smiling at the unicorns and rainbows jammed up next to neighborhoods full of poor people driving on broke ass streets, no sidewalks, worried about getting shot at the Jack in the Box. I don’t know how it compares to other cities, but the inequalities here are readily visible and frightening. It’s like the rich people stopped reading history at some point, or they think TV and crack are going to keep the poor people from rising up this time.

  • @WR, Why wouldn’t it be concerning to have the 3rd highest level of inequality in a city that doesn’t even come close to breaking the top 10 on cost of living factors (if even the top 20) and is a pale comparison to top incomes in global cities like LA/NYC.

  • “Norman said that noise levels are not a part of the building code that White Oak must meet to erect the permanent stage, so it doesn’t look like the noise complaints will have much effect on the city’s ability to approve or reject the plans. Norman said it’s the Houston Police Department’s job to enforce the city’s sound code, not that of building inspectors. ”
    Certainly there are elements of structural design and architecture that can be used to mitigate or minimize sound wave propagation. But I suppose they’ll tackle that one when the complaints start rolling in again….

  • @MemeBag – I know! Can you imagine rich people not wanting to move in / walk around the lower income neighborhoods for the very reasons you stated? Wow! Someone release a study stat!

  • Florida: I cant believe people get paid to grab bits of data link them together and give speeches like they have the solutions. I dont have the answers either, but so much what he said is flawed logic. I guess they are good at projecting fantasy and many people love listening to fantasy so it works.