Post-Rehab Glenbrook Valley Mod Gets A Makeover, Prepares To Open Up to the Public

8008 Colgate St., Glenbrook Valley, Houston8008 Colgate St., Glenbrook Valley, Houston

That recovered 2-story mod at 8008 Colgate has been getting further retouching by the newest owners, Sandra Cook writes in this month’s Houston House & Home. The previously dilapidated house made HoustonMod’s Mod of the Month list back in 2014 after it was rehabilitated to a poop-and-mold-free 5,870 sq. ft. (scooping in a few upstairs patios behind new walls in the process). Above is a comparison of the main entryway — the top photo shows the space’s trendy new white outfit, while the same wall appears in blue below that following the 2014 redo. (The lower left side shows the space midway through those earlier reconstructive procedures.)

The house will be receiving visitors during the Glenbrook Valley Home Tour in October; here’s a few peeks at some of the new retro-ish finishes, if you can’t wait until then:


8008 Colgate St., Glenbrook Valley, Houston

8008 Colgate St., Glenbrook Valley, Houston

8008 Colgate St., Glenbrook Valley, Houston

8008 Colgate St., Glenbrook Valley, Houston

8008 Colgate St., Glenbrook Valley, Houston

8008 Colgate St., Glenbrook Valley, Houston

8008 Colgate St., Glenbrook Valley, Houston

Photos: Swamplot inbox (2nd and 3rd), Jack Thompson (all others)


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  • looks like it was redecorated for a teenage pop star…..

  • The post rehab, but before the new owners photo looks a lot better and fits the house more. I’m not sure I get the completely white washed look with Art Deco posters in the very mid-century house. And, they painted those pretty wood stair steps black. Yuck. The interior could be any interior from any suburban housewives Pinterest page. The head on that table is kinda cool…looks like something from an 1980’s album cover.

  • I don’t understand the hate . This is objectively a very impressive house. It has way more character than anything available in the suburbs or most of the inner loop for that matter. True, there are features that aren’t pure mod, but whatever. Are the haters seriously saying they wouldn’t buy this if they could afford it and it checked off all their other boxes?

  • The hate is ridiculous, that is a very nice house.

  • i just don’t see any of its original character in the interior remodel. minus the exterior, looks like any other contemporary interior you’d find in a town home being built today. leaving the exposed brick in the entrance would have been a nod to it’s preservation among other details. if girly boutique flavor is your thing then more power to you! sure it’s nice, just not much cohesion between the exterior and interior that’s all…… surprised they didn’t paint the outside grey with white trim and the words “Eight Double Zero Eight” instead of 8008 as it’s address.

  • This is got to be the craziest and ugliest rehab I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen many on this site over the years! what are those gold zebras about? whoever hired the, should I say ‘designer’ should be fired – this person ruined the home. The whole thing looks like a cracked-out LA designer’s dream. I’m sure the owners will be stripping it down real soon when no offers come especially in today’s real estate selling market.

  • I really don’t understand the hate here. This house is absolutely STUNNING. The furnishing and the décor fit the house perfectly. I think the comments about this house prove that the anonymity of the internet can be a dangerous thing — particularly in light of those who are clearly jealous. I doubt the haters’ houses could hold a finger to this one.

  • I find Toby, Stella, and mr me’s comments disturbing. Shame on each of you. These three “critics” clearly haven’t read the articles. These homeowners are opening their home up for charity. It is a home tour benefiting their civic association. I have little doubt that these homeowners have better things to do and do not deserve these insults after doing a good thing. Toby, Stella, and mr me should not make these rude comments unless they are willing to state them to the homeowners’ face. To quote my favorite Game of Thrones episode: Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Shame. Good luck on the Glenbrook Valley home tour! This home is beautiful.

  • This house is fantastic. Before it was restored it was worse than a tear down, many of us in the neighborhood were waiting for it to burn down. What the previous owner and the current owners have done is nothing short of miraculous and fantastic! The house is now a showplace, and both interior and exterior are stunning. I have been in this house, it is clean, comfortable, airy, uncluttered. I am a mid-century fan yet I find what these guys have done to be in great taste and completely consistent with the architectural style of the house. No everything isn’t period, it doesn’t have to be. The interior needs to match the aesthetics of the owners and meet their needs, which this house does extremely well. We visited this house with some friends several times and they were floored by how beautiful and comfortable it is! How sad that some of the commenters on this site did not have mothers who raised them with manners. If you can’t say something nice don’t say it at all! The owners of this house were so nice to open their home to the home tour and to volunteer so much time and effort to their neighborhood. Their house is fantastic and they have a right to be proud! Unlike the previous commenters who were too ashamed to claim ownership of their comments I am using my real name.

  • I find these comments quite bizarre in that most of the photographs that are on this particular article are of the furnishings. Outside of the entry hall, one really can’t get a concept of what the house itself is like. So they have 1930s posters in a 1960’s home? Does every Bungalow in the Heights have to be solely arts and crafts? I saw this house several years ago before the previous owners bought it and it was a shit hole and easily one of the worst maintained homes in the neighborhood. As for losing the original charm, it looked like any other 60s house of the era In regard to the designer, he ultimately answers to the homeowners and interprets their taste on their budget and this house clearly reflects that . Mr Me who cares if you don’t like the brass giraffes which you ridiculously identified as gold zebras. Maybe everyone thinks your blue velour Ashley sectional with the built in recliner is just as tacky?

  • You know what would be fun to see? Interior and exterior shots of Toby’s, Stella’s, and mr me’s homes. They must be FABULOUS!!! Please share them with us like the guys at 8008 are doing.

  • Just a few observations from someone who knows the house & it’s history. For those lamenting the lack of original vintage finishes, I can appreciate the perspective, but you are not understanding the background on the house. Before it was renovated I went to the house once, but could only get so far because I was literally gagging & about to lose my lunch. I’m not being facetious. The smell was overwhelming. In addition to hoarder type issues, animal feces, & animals that had died in the house & their bodies never removed, the then flat roof had leaked profusely for years, resulting in water damage, termite damage, walls, drapes, rugs, furniture covered in mold. It was horrid. They didn’t take it back to the studs, they took out like 60 or 70% of the studs because there was that much damage. No one is a bigger fan of original mid-century finishes than I, but sometimes there just isn’t much to save & I consider it fortunate that the house was saved at all. The guy that did the first rehab wasn’t exactly poor and redoing it was more for a project he found challenging and fun to do. It took someone like that to take on the house in the condition it was in. The current owners hired a very good designer with a stellar reputation to refine the looks. I do think the house benefited with some of the new things he put in like grasscloth going in, some of the mod-inspired geometric wallpaper, better selection of light fixtures, etc. It isn’t a strict mid-mod look, nor did it need to be, but it did put back in some of that feel that was lost in the original reno. As for looking like any loft in town, I don’t agree with that assessment. I’m sorry but I didn’t realize most lofts sported things like Kravets wallpaper and $44,000 media rooms. This house may not be everyone’s tastes, but Houston House and Home chose to feature it, and the designer that guided it has a great reputation, but if someone finds it distasteful, well, thank you for your opinion.. In any event, the home tour coming up next weekend is designed to showcase a variety of styles. I hope everyone doesn’t like them all equally, that wasn’t the point. I appreciate the homeowner’s graciously opening their doors for the tour so the neighborhood can raise some funds.

  • Bravo to the homeowners for not invading DWR for the required mid mod malaise however their take is just as sterile. It looks like a showplace not a home.

  • Haha, coming back to this after a couple of years. Thank you to all of the commentators that came to our defense. We love this house and everything that our designer did to help us make this our home. (BTW, he has been recognized as one of the top designers in the city many times over,) As for Cegoyan’s comment about it seeming sterile, I would just remind you these that these are professional design photos taken for House and Home. This is not how we live. Come over any day and find us with feet on sofas and coffee tables with a pup and a kittie crawling all over us and the furniture. We definitely LIVE in this house and it is anything but sterile. We couldn’t be happier in this house and in this neighborhood.