Postal Decor, Bedroom Paved with No-Longer-Loose Change Available in Townhouse Manor Townhouse

Step up here for stamps 4080 Breakwood Dr., a 2-bed, 2-bath structure in the block-long row of townhomes that sits between Lakeland and Fordshire drives, just off the South Loop West. Not many interior walls divide the open space you step into upon entering the house, and the one that does is done up as the service counter you’d find in an old post office.

On its employees-only side, the previous owners finished the bedroom floor with pennies. Here’s a closer up view of their investment:


That room features this built-in desk behind the customer window:

A higher-tech study area sits on the adjacent hardwood and includes a pet:

It’s locked in a staring contest with the Mona Lisa across the room:

A card catalogue neighbors the couch for quick reference:

Heading back past the postal area . . .

you’ll reach the kitchen at the end of the dining room:

A look back from beside the stove:

Also included, an extra bed and bath:

As well as a living room with rocking and sewing equipment:

Floor in Mint Condition

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  • This home is Eclectic with a capital E.
    But I think one could become comfortable in it.
    I see mom & dad handing out the lunch sacks thru the post office bars as the school bus – or pizza money when the Grub Hub delivery – arrives.

  • “Industrial Glam” That is a new one for me.

  • I couldn’t gauge afterward on a drive through a few months ago whether any of these flooded so I’m glad to see at least this one did not. That is remarkable It’s just few blocks down from Cliffwood at 610. That street was wiped out pretty much from Braeswood to just south of West Bellfort.