Price Watch on Woodlands Mansion with 3-Story Closet; Giorgetti Condos Move Forward

Photo of Walding Station: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Outriggers…. NOOO! Great seared tuna and a unique place away from the Kema tourist trap.

  • dude, Mr. Clean, that’s what I was going to say.
    Outriggers was one of those places that was just unique to experience around Houston. Go lounge with a beer on a Saturday afternoon and watch the boats kind of place.

  • Re: Kingston-Davis House
    At the relatively affordable price of $2.1 million, this sale fills me with trepidation.
    Because of its status as an historic structure with strong architectural credentials, this house is nouveau riche douchebag catnip – exactly the sort of lovely structure in which they take such delight in demolishing and replacing with a hulking monstrosity.
    Oh, and the “why don’t you buy it yourself” responses are a given. Don’t bother.

  • The Kingston-Davis home has been well maintained. I bet there are some renovations and wouldn’t be surprised to see the pink and black period tile go.. but I doubt the 6,800 sq ft home gets torn down in Braeswood. If it were on an acre of land in River Oaks, then definitely it would be a goner.