Price Whittling Away on Willers Way Briargrove Ranch

A Briargrove listing has dropped its price a third time in as many months. The updated fifties ranch-style home currently seeks $639,000, down from $650,000 in April, $669,000 at the end of March, and $679,000 when it hit the market earlier that month. On the street, near Briargrove Elementary, there’s a mix of original single-story homes and newer ones built with larger proportions. This home is one lot in from the corner of Briargrove Dr. on a nearly quarter-acre lot. (Beyond a drainage ditch across Briargrove is the St. Luke’s Hospital Emergency Center.)

The ranch dressing on the home’s exterior is “traditional.” The interior?


Rather than having a warren of rooms, the floor plan has 2 separate multi-use living spaces. At the front of the house, for example, a living and dining area includes the entry area, which features a gas-log fireplace:

The 2,798-sq.-ft. home’s wooden floors have been refinished.

Toward the back of the house, another living-dining area has a second fireplace and views into the back yard through large windows.

The remodeled kitchen also opens to that rear common area:

The home has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. Here’s the master bedroom:

This hallway leads to bedrooms. The closet on the right contains utility connections.

Fronting the back yard is a patio and 2-car garage (at far right):

Annual maintenance fee in Briargrove: $625 a year for this property.

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  • That “Oiler Blue” bathroom is a classic. Luv Ya Blue

  • I have friends with this exact house in Meyerland,

  • The issue here is pricing. this house is worth $550,000. If it were in the north sectino of Briargrove, it would be worth $600,000.

    There is a limit to the value of these original ranch houses with moderate renovation. Still has dated wiring, plumbing, and 8′ ceilings.

    If this were taken to the absolute studs and extensively remodeled, $700,000 would be achievable here, and $750,000 in the north section.

    Also, it is widely known that Briargrove sellers are going to their neighbors and selling amongst friends with a local ‘first right’ before hitting the market, so clearly this house has had looks without agreement on pricing.

  • This house might as well be in Sageglen.

  • I live in Briargrove and agree with HTX Rez — many sellers preview their homes and often sell their properties by owner; often with multiple bids.

    However, I disagree that this home is worth $550,000. Honestly, I think this home clears at $590,000. It’s a great house, but it’s location near the “ditch” is not ideal.

    Our friend’s house, an almost exact comp to this property, just sold for $610,000 on the private market.

  • Then buy it if you trying to help them! the Housing market is upside down in every niche.

  • Nice house – like many others in BG.Located in the southern section and so close to that butt ugly concrete eyesore aka the drainage ditch brings the value even lower. And the dated systems: hvac, wiring, plumbing, duct work ;plus possible foundation issues. And the dated brick floor in the kitchen: the owner(s) flubbed that one – they did a very nice kitchen update and not the floors. That’ll effect the selling price. Several of my high school mates hailed from BG:south & north and their homes were nice.Real estate is VERY subjective .

  • #Stating the Obvious : I grew up in a very similar home like this one , in Meyerland. Ours has a large corner lot – which my younger brothers & I did not like maintaining. Of course Dad , being the professional Landscape Architect that he was over time landscaped the whole yard to make it a living example of his asthetic.(Other examples : The Galleria-Phase 1&2; the Halbouty Building @ Westheimer & McCue, Avalon Square Apts. on Westheimer just east of Kirby, numerous City of Houston projects & private residences for families,including some very prominent Houstonians. These 1960’sera ranchers are prolific and many still are lived in.Of course some need updating. Ans others have been updated or demolished.

  • #6, where in Houston is the housing market upside down?

  • Also, this house is crazy staged!

  • I think the “zigzag” brick flooring in the kitchen is cool, even if others don’t seem to think so. :-) Perhaps not easy to take care of, but certainly more interesting than, say, vinyl flooring or even wood. (Yes, I’m tired of wood flooring already — they are so late 1990’s. :-) )