Property Tax Rates Unchanged; No More Place For Steaks at the Galleria


Photo of Allen’s Landing: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • ……meanwhile appraisals soar through the roof

  • Regarding Mo’s it just goes to show that hookers are a fickle lot.

  • Property tax rates may remain stable, but w/appraisals increasing 10%/year for homesteaded properties & even more for non-homesteaded residences, it’s a serious burden. Anyone else getting 10% raises in their income every year? If so, congratulations. but most of us are not.

  • As others have said, yes, “lol” @ “property tax RATE unchanged”.
    Meanwhile, VALUES are shooting though the roof.
    People don’t care what the rate is. They care what their BILL is. If their bill goes up, the reasons for it are less important.

  • Let me be a ditto-head on that property values still climb while the rates stay the same – thus, a higher tax bill. .
    Sure, the constitutional limit for homestead properties is 10%/year but that compounds at quite a clip. Doubles in about 7.2 years.