Putting Stock in the Spread

PUTTING STOCK IN THE SPREAD Pulte Homes announced yesterday it will swallow up Dallas-based Centex for $1.3 billion in devalued stock. The new Pulte Homes, based in Michigan, will be the country’s largest homebuilder — with twice the revenue of its nearest competitor. Together, the two combined sprawling companies are building in 31 separate Houston-area developments, but only 3 of them are inside Beltway 8. All but 4 of the rest lie beyond Highway 6. [Houston Business Journal]

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  • That’s two big players in the Houston market.

    Any layoffs locally from this?

  • Time to sell their stocks. With the kind of poor quality developments they are putting in Houston right now that have a 5 year shelf life, I expect them to be debt heavy with tons of inventory to unload. This is a failed business model
    – bad economy = less sells
    – good economy/high gas prices = less far-out sales