Putting the France in a Lynn Park Ranch

A top-heavy brick tower tacked onto the front and Euro touches inside this designer-owned spread morphs a 1968 Lynn Park home into a something less provincial and more Provençal — or so the listing suggests. The slightly asymmetrical corner-lot property is a block east of the railroad tracks and two blocks north of Richmond Ave. at Drexel Dr. It’s a newly re-listed home seeking $899,900 with a new agent and agency, after a summer fling with a price tag $25K higher.


Inside the tower, there’s a stairwell with north-facing windows above and at street level. Snazzy floor tiles define the entry hall that runs adjacent to an open living-dining-kitchen area with bleached oak floors:

At 2,530 sq. ft., the home is 1 sq. ft. smaller than the largest house on the block, HCAD figures show. Depending on how rooms upstairs get used, the house has 3 or 4 bedrooms, most of which claim at least one 13-ft. dimension. This bedroom and bathroom are on the first floor:

Upstairs, there’s this bedroom, which tries to make the most of its angles . . .

. . . another of the home’s 2 1/2 bathrooms . . .

. . . and this side-by-side setup:

Meanwhile, the 8,580-sq.-ft. lot’s back yard has several gathering areas, paved, decked, pebbled, pergolaed, patioed, or some combination thereof. There’s also a mosquito removal system, which probably explains why you don’t see any bugs in the pics:

The community carries a $600 annual maintenance fee.

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  • Hideous.

  • That tower is vomitous.

  • What? It needs that why?

  • Sounds a few hundred grand overpriced. You can get new construction for that kind of money in that area.

  • These days, I’d take faux Provençal over a stucco turret. I appreciate what they were trying to do by opening up that stairway to the second floor. The execution isn’t so good.

  • I love that the HO had fun making this cozy place. I like everything I see in the pics except for the front elevation (1st pic.)
    It just looks rediculous though fully I appreciate the intent.

  • Nice $6.00 pavers in the yard.

  • What in the world is up with that living room. Anyone else notice the placement of the flat screen? Doesn’t look too comfortable.

  • If I had my druthers, I’d go all the way and install arrow slits and a small cannon – but I’m corny like that.

  • The inside isn’t bad, but the front elevation? All I can say is blecch.

  • Not to worry, someone will buy it as a tear-down. Then they can put a “real” French McMansion

  • This is a $500,000 neighborhood. $250k for the small lot and $250k for the house.

  • From Benny Cargill:
    This is a $500,000 neighborhood. $250k for the small lot and $250k for the house.

    maybe, but I think the house is more the 650k-700k range. The cheap houses back up to the railroad. This doesn’t. Its more than a block away from Richmond and its much larger than the other houses i’ve seen on HAR. And despite Swamplot’s discerning taste, I’m sure the front elevation is not a big turnoff to lawyers and doctors in the area.

  • Interesting art collection…
    Not to be too nit-picky, but that kitchen set up is not great. The work triangle of refrigerator/stove/sink is just all wrong. The ‘fridge to the sink looks like it is a good 15 feet!

  • Lynn Park is much more than a %500,000 neighborhood.

  • Sorry, that should have been $$$$ not %%%%.

  • Owner was going for phallic not Provencal.

  • This may be a little off topic, but what is up with the deed restrictions in that neighborhood? For years there was a florist shop being run out of the former side loading garage of the house at Drexel & Alabama. Then they took out a few houses backing up to the RR tracks to create additional parking for Highland Village. Both represent some types of commercial encroachment into the neighborhood.

  • I’ve always digged that house, hope the owners get they’re asking price, it looks like a lot of hard work went into it. this site should be called bi_ _hlot. as the only post on here seem to be from angry people. its s free world people and thank goodness these hard working homeowners have the guts to do something different. not every house in Houston has to look like a hobby Lobby slash my wrist track home!