Radical Eats Replacing Lower Westheimer’s Pulled-Out Roots

RADICAL EATS REPLACING LOWER WESTHEIMER’S PULLED-OUT ROOTS The Near Northside vegan dive Radical Eats is closing and relocating across town to the recently closed Roots Bistro on Westheimer, reports Gastronaut Katherine Shilcutt. (Roots closed in early June after some bungling of its marquee.) Shilcutt adds that Radical Eats owner Staci Davis sees the move to this less “scruffy” space as a chance expand her menu to include dishes that use meat, cheese, and eggs, a culinary move not without consequence: “She admitted that some of her diehard vegan customers were furious with her decision, even calling in to a radio show she was appearing on as a guest and lambasting her on-air. ‘What are you going to do?’ she asked, with a rhetorical shoulder shrug.” [Culturemap; Gastronaut; previously on Swamplot] Photo of 507 Westheimer: Allyn West

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  • Mainstream Eats just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

    (I eat meat.)

  • You don’t have to be a “vegan restaurant” to offer vegan dishes. They didn’t do well. Time to cast a wider net and try again.
    Those those calling this lady and harassing her: Try being a business owner and opening up a restaurant. Too many armchair entrepreneurs

  • The food is great and they seemed fairly busy when I’ve gone, even considering they’re old location is adjacent to the light rail construction on Fulton.
    The problem I experienced was lousy service. Once they changed from having customers order at the counter to having table service, it took much longer to get orders and they made a lot more mistakes. Still, the vegan mexican-inspired food was surprisingly good.

  • I believe veganism is a mental disorder recognized by the medical establishment, how can one forego a beautiful medium-rare steak or a perfectly roasted chicken, when all biology says humans naturally want and more importantly NEED animal protein.

  • What more people need to do, for the sake of their own health, is practice veganism for a week or two at a time, and then celebrate their success with a good helping of animal protein. It’s what works best for your body.

  • How can you tell that someone is vegan?

    Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.

  • @commonsense: You won’t understand many things if you assume that your preferences are universal. Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder and it holds true for steaks just as it does for anything else. Not all humans want animal protein. Humans don’t need animal protein even if you type need in all caps.

  • Radical Eats will be opening for brunch at its new digs this Sunday, August 11.