Reader Report: Woodland Heights McDonald’s 2.0

New McDonald’s at I-45 and N. Main, Woodland Heights

A reader writes in with this report on the newly reopened McDonald’s at I-45 and N. Main, at the entrance of Woodland Heights:

It’s no “McStarbucks,” but it is different from most McDonald’s I’ve seen. The colors are rich coffee browns. There’s some fake zebrawood-looking formica on some walls, and a strange wallpaper-like tile in the bathroom. Right in the middle of the main eating area there’s a round structure that looks vaguely like a DJ booth. A bar-height counter juts out from it, where people waiting for their orders can rub elbows. The indoor playground in front is in a separate room. Sorry, no comfy couches.

How were the hamburgers?!!!?

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  • Yep. All the wood-looking finishes are genuine formica. The place is visually somewhat pleasant inside, but the ambience is spoiled by the incessant loud pop music. As described by the previous reader, the “family area” overlooking the interior play structure is segregated from the main dining room by presumably sound-proof glass doors & walls. The food is still nasty, though the enormously large iced coffee is pretty good and will keep an office of four people buzzed and happy all day long.

  • Don’t waste your time on their poison food when you can get a fresh homemade taco just north on N. Main at TACO RICO.