Reading Robots in Greenway Plaza; Spending Retirement at the Holiday Inn; Former Gibbs Boats Building Now a Landmark

Photo of Houston Rodeo Trail at 947 Gessner Rd.: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • The nursing home price quoted of nearly $6000 per month is for comprehensive, wipe-your-butt, bathe-you, spoon-feed-you, etc service. Lower service tiers cost much less (I am of the age to be aware these things). I strongly doubt that any Holiday Inn staff member anywhere will wipe your butt for you at any price.

  • The U Plumb It is holding steady next door to the old Gibbs place. I hope they stay. Those guys are a great help!

  • I’m glad the Gibbs place is getting a rehab instead of a tear down. Waiting to see what it will look like.