Ready for the Next Race

READY FOR THE NEXT RACE Last week, Realtor Karen Derr had to give up her plan to run in the special election for City Council’s District H seat, after she failed to meet the paperwork deadline to get herself on the ballot. Abc13’s Miya Shay tracks her latest plans:Derr’s retooled website now says she’s running for At Large 1. That’s the seat currently occupied by Peter Brown. The election is in November, so it’s certainly not too early to start. The joke at City Hall is that At-Large seats are usually easier jobs. If your sidewalk is mangled or you need a speed bump, you call your district council member. So, what do At-Large council members do? Mainly, with no district to manage, At-Large council members are allowed to address issues they are passionate about. It might be housing, public safety, city finances, or some less well defined passion. Then there is the other passion I find politicians can’t live without: running for another elected office.” [Houston Political Blog; previously on Swamplot]

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  • Even she would be an improvement over Peter Plan Brown. Rarely have I ever come across a more clueless politician than Peter Plan.

  • I met her once before. She’s a nice person. I don’t really much know about her political background or stance on issues. Maybe she’ll be more pro-Houston versus anti-Houston like Brown.

    She can’t be as bad as Peter Brown is though. I don’t think I’ve come across a more arrogant city council member in my life. Of course Carol Alvarado comes very close to getting that title. I’m her claim to fame in the state legislature is to ban trans fat. With all the crap that’s going on, she thinks that a critical issue?

  • Oh Avocado’s got him beat in the arrogance category fo sho.