Headlines: Downtown Charity Bar; Upper Kirby Newcomers

Photo of former Trinity Portland Cement Company site at N. Hutcheson and Freund: HAIF user Kylejack

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  • Is 2727 Kirby still 7/8 empty?

  • Spoonman: I’ll eat at Milgro often and can tell by looking at the place (lights/people) that it’s pretty full. Where does this 7/8 figure come from?
    When I looked at a unit there, I was “told” there were only a few left. But the HOA was high. If it were only partially occupied the people there would have to split the total costs between fewer people, no?

  • Huh, looks like you’re right. Last time I looked at HCAD for 2727 Kirby most of the units were owned by Kirby Tower LP, but evidently that was a while ago. Vast majority appear to be owned by individuals now.

  • They’ll probably need a charity just to keep the charity bar afloat. Who goes downtown anymore?

  • Someone tell these idiots that Houston already has a neighborhood called the West End and it’s not near Westheimer and Sage.