Realigning a Pine Grove Home Store

It’s either a store with small display cases or a home with really big curio cabinets. Fully-fenced and mostly burglar-barred, the shape-shifting property fronts the rebuilt roadway and drainage improvements of Fulton Street in Pine Grove, east of I-45. Metro’s Red Line extension plans its future Northline Transit Center just past Crosstimbers, 3 blocks north of the storefront-residence. Earlier this week, the mixed-use property reappeared in the MLS listings with a new agency and price, $99,900, after a 2-month market breather. That’s about twice the price of its sale for $45,500 in 2009 — but significantly lower than the $135,000 sought in a year-long listing that expired down a bit ($124,900) just this past September.


The original 1940 layout of the 1,170-sq.-ft. home-turned-car-stereo-outlet is still in place. For example, a double archway divides the living and dining areas (above). The kitchen (below) is missing appliances, but the connections remain, and an air-conditioning unit is hanging out just outside the window:

You’ll find 3 bedrooms, plus a full bath and a half-bath:

An extra-wide driveway feeds into the oversized garage:

The 6,238-sq.-ft. lot, meanwhile, includes a small back yard. Neighboring properties are also mixed-use; there’s a block-filling storage yard across the street.

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  • Who calls this area Pine Grove? I am learning more about this area and lots some folks call it Northline, and the Civic Club for the area is called Melrose. I have seen this building and not realized it was for sale.