Redoing a Red Line Restaurant in Midtown

Sporting some of the more evocative ghost signage in Midtown, the vacant former Saigon Cafe #2 seems to be in the process of becoming the future Cafe Helene. This TABC sign is dated May 24, and a rep from the building’s leasing company says that the new sandwich shop should be open here at 3101 Main St. in the next few months. Located between the Ensemble/HCC and McGowen stops, the 8,000-sq.-ft. building dates to 1948, county records show, and it’s catty-corner from the not-quite-3-acre swath of the Midtown Superblock and that back-of-a-strip-center mural that was painted in April. For now, a thorough gutting of the building seems to be underway, at least judging from the size of the pile of scrap in the back:


Photos: Allyn West

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  • a beautiful late 40’s or early 50’s building
    w/mezzanine level . . . former home of the Thelma K. Brill Corset Shop

  • It’s great to see all the new things going into this part of town.

  • That late-Moderne awning is a winner. I imagine they’ll sell lots of sandwiches with the HCC offices across the street.

  • I’d be interested in quantifying how many quiet real estate events become public knowledge due to TABC signs…seems fairly common, at least from reading Swamplot regularly.

  • but can they obtain a TABC license when HCC
    teaches some high school classes?

  • swamp……funny the city has lasted for thousands of years………guess these swamp lots have more staying power than most ever thought………….

  • Uh, Houston was founded in 1837.

  • What a dump. Raze it.