Regent Square Signs of Life; A Post-Super Bowl Kickoff for Hotel Alessandra


Photo of St. John Church at Sam Houston Park: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • “In Texas, closing costs represented on average about 2.5 percent of a median home’s value…”
    It is completely ridiculous to me that paperwork and a lien search can possibly be that freaking expensive.

  • Missing from any of the 20 pictures in the Chronicle article — actual journalists. Which, I suppose, is not really all that surprising…

  • Love the comments on the “girl-friendly bar” article. Looks like Swamplot commenters wandered over there instead of posting here.

  • @meh, you are correct and it has been a point of contention for a while, some states have gone to a mandated flat fee model (a few hundred dollars). To put things in perspective an auto policy pays out about %80 of money taken in by premiums toward claims, a Title Policy pays out less than 1%. The only time a title policy would pay out if hey completely screwed up the records search and even then try fight tooth and nail in court not to pay.

  • Please-please let regent square finally be for real.

  • Don’t hold your breath on Regent Square. I pass it every day and there is still no activity of any sort, and permits “should be secured by the third quarter or end of the year,” a k a we really have no f****** clue.

  • Title insurance has got to be the biggest scam ever in real estate. I’m dubious of its worth if the other statistic of a 1% payout rate is correct.
    That being said, I agree that closing costs eat up too much of a very cut-and-paste transaction process. Forget the Tesla car and new iPhone, what we need is real estate closings to become automated to bring down costs.

  • @Major Market, I read that 1% in some RE article two years ago, some claim under 5% which is still ridiculous.
    There has been a proposal floating around to make real estate transactions flow through a Block Chain type platform where trail of ownership is clear and cannot be manipulated, hence making RE transactions cheap, simple, and secure.

  • I just sold a house after being actively listed for a day, my agent cleared $13,000 (not to mention the buyers agent). Going forward I won’t work with an agent unless they agree to a tiered commission i.e. 1% less than one week on market, 2% 1 – 4 weeks etc etc. You should get paid for the amount of work you put into selling a house. I’m sorry you have another listing that hasn’t sold for six months. That has nothing to do with me.