Renaming Acres Homes; Bringing Back Curbside Glass Recycling

Photo: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: “Renaming Acres Homes”

    Coming soon …. Heights Acres!

  • There is a EADO branding on a development in lower 5th ward and 2nd ward is between EADO and 5th Ward. Developers will make this reach on branding if they think it will increase their ability to sell these homes any easier. Surely the home buyers are smart enough not to buy into this gimmick…. right?

  • Does anyone know when the new contract will kick in and glass curbside recycling will return? I cannot find that information in any of the coverage of the new contract.

  • @Mr.Clean19 I think the branding is more about attracting people to an open house. Future buyers scanning online listings are going skip right past something that says Fifth Ward, but might give a second glance at something labeled EaDo (bars! restaurants! sports!). Then, if you get them to look at the place, that’s when you hard sell. And homebuyers and renters for the most part don’t really care about neighborhood designations. I certainly think it’s disrespectful to the histories of these neighborhood and like most gentrification issues there’s undertones of racism and classism. But I’ve met a lot of people who live in GOOF, Shady Acres, Timbergrove, etc and if you ask where they live, they just say “The Heights” either for shorthand or because they don’t even know their neighborhood’s name.

  • @Lauren K, the Houston Press article linked above (the free one) says: “The new operation won’t kick in until September 2018. In the meantime, you can still recycle your glass at any of the 19 drop-off locations — large bins managed by Waste Management and glass recycler Strategic Materials.”