Reopened East End Hardware on Leeland Now Welcoming Dogs, Offering Screwdrivers

Actual neighborhood hardware store East End Hardware (see inset second photo) went belly-up only a few years after its 2012 opening at 3005 Leeland St. (at the corner of Ennis St. in East Downtown). Now opened in its place, as of the first of this month, is a replacement (pictured at top): East End Hardware.

Among the changes: a revamped exterior, with the name of the establishment now rendered in vintage Houston blue tile; a dog-friendly patio; and a new beverage menu that includes 20 beers on tap, mixed drinks, and “boozy” New Orleans-style sno-balls in flavors such as piña colada, tiger’s blood, and screwdriver. Also: food.


Photos: TJ Jordan (new); Mark Goykhman (old)

EaDo Hard Drinks and Wares

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  • Excellent. I like the name and the use of tiles. And let’s face it, the old-timey hardware store idea failed cause people would rather save $2 going to a consumerist circus under a tilt-wall tent then take those funds and feelings and spend it on a $12 burger and $5 beer. This place might make it.

  • Nice place to get hammered.

  • I’ve already stopped by and was pleasantly surprised! They did a good job with the design inside, too.

    The food was good, but basically limited to grilled sandwiches. I had a grilled pimento cheese sandwich and it came with a side salad and potato chips. I think it was about $8. Draft craft beers were $4-6.

  • tinyvoices for the win.

  • Do they sell screwdrivers?

  • D’oh! I didn’t read the headline.