Reporting Live from Outside the Chicken Ranch on North Main St.

Future Home of the Chicken Ranch Restaurant, 6500 N. Main St., Sunset Heights, Houston

Exactly where on N. Main St. are Josh Martinez and Paul Sedillo putting their new and provocatively named fried-chicken joint? The Chicken Ranch will open in the spot formerly occupied by Bellissimo Ristorante at 6500 N. Main, at the corner of 25th St. in Sunset Heights. (Bellissimo moved to 1848 Airline Dr., just north of Cavalcade, more than a year ago.) Reader Mary Ellen Arbuckle sends in these pics from yesterday of the car-packed front of the low-slung building, where the new occupants are working toward a certificate of occupancy for a fall opening. Sadly, former abc13 reporter Marvin Zindler will not be available for inspections or to monitor the contents of the Chicken Ranch’s ice machine.


Future Home of the Chicken Ranch Restaurant, 6500 N. Main St., Sunset Heights, Houston

Photos: Mary Ellen Arbuckle

House of Fried Fowl Repute

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  • Good name for that location with what I’ve always been told was a flop house across the street.

  • That location has been several things over the years. heard the bar across the street draw a pretty rough crowd. Hope this works out.

  • I hope they fix the sidewalks…and make the property finally look nice

  • Interesting concept, hopefully it’s a hit.
    I do hope GT&C’s are clear and they secured a long term agreement. Heard Bellissimo was run out because the landlord hiked rent as soon as they turned successful.

  • Any place with a clearly not running Alfa Romeo spider guarding it wins my vote. Bring on the thing this story was about… or whatever. Alfas!

  • @Drew J – I live in the immediate area, and yes, that has always been my understanding as well. There have been a couple of times when I was at Stop at Joe’s when some ladies walked over from that establishment to buy a pack of cigarettes and, while I’m usually not one to judge based on appearances, their appearances certainly didn’t do anything to change my perception of that place.