Rescued from City Water Supply, Lake Houston-Infused Fiero Now Available for Your Experiments

That stolen 1985 Fiero GT that HPD officers pulled from the bottom of Lake Houston last summer after a 22-year soak is now available for sale online, a reader notes. Damaged-car auction site Copart (pronounced “CO-part,” not “COP-art”) features the mangled, muddy mess in an extensive photo gallery, and pegs the car’s actual cash value (before the minor flooding incident, of course) at $2,000 — same as the estimated cost to repair. Minimum bid for the fiberglass-paneled former vehicle: $175. Houston’s Art Car Parade is less than 3 months away.


The Fiero was only the most notable prize pulled from the not-so-deep depths of the city’s primary reservoir during the summer’s drought-induced debris bonanza. After lake levels dropped as much as 7 ft., workers were also able to retrieve uncovered tires, logs, historic beer cans, and assorted trash as well.

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