Retail Damage Tour: Hurricane Ike Visits Kirby Dr.

Corner of Kirby and Nottingham after Hurricane Ike, Houston

“Kirby Drive is just as purty as ever,” writes the Swamplot correspondent who took these photos Saturday.

The evidence?


Corner of Kirby and Bissonnet after Hurricane Ike, Houston

Damaged Storefront, Kirby Dr., Houston, after Hurricane Ike

Goode Company BBQ had some holes in it. I came back a few hours later and it looked like all the damaged panels had been replaced.

Damage to Goode Co. Barbecue after Hurricane Ike, Houston

Design trends for Hurricane Ike: Area’s “OMG!!! Must Protect Furniture with Bold Strokes of Blue Painter’s Tape!” window display . . .

Area Taped Up for Hurricane Ike, Kirby Dr., Houston

. . . while next door, Ligne Roset still sports a spare, modern look:

Ligne Roset Storefront after Hurricane Ike, Houston

Windows out in the IBC Plaza building:
IBC Plaza Bldg. after Hurricane Ike, Kirby Dr., Houston

More signs of damage:

Ryan’s Real Estate Sign and Cow after Hurricane Ike, Kirby Dr., Houston

Wachovia Bank metaphor alert:

Wachovia Sign after Hurricane Ike, Kirby Dr., Houston

The arrow points to the sign’s original location, across the street.

Meanwhile, folks look on from the Big Easy:

The Big Easy After Hurricane Ike, Kirby Dr., Houston

Photos: Swamplot Inbox

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  • I live in this area and we lost our power (and a bunch of tree limbs). I was surprised to learn, however, that many homes in West Univesity never lost their power. I hope Good Company BBQ reopens soon!

  • what the hell were these people thinking when they taped the windows? good luck getting that tacky tape off the windows! We have power and washington and snover.

  • There is only one thing left for my family to do-go Halloween shopping! Seriously, we were told that Spirit Halloween is having their Grand Opening on Westheimer just east of Hwy 6 this weekend. We aren’t finding many places to go who have power & this will at least give the kids something happy to do after our very scary (no pun intended at all) week.

  • Hey Rikki…I shop at Spirit all the time. Those stores rock!! Their stores look different this year..really cool displays. It’s so much fun. I go to the one in Humble on 1960 behind the Olive Garden..Look for the pumpkin on the roof