Rethinking the Footprint of a Mod House-and-Garden Spread in El Lago Estates



Fans of parquet flooring will note a similar squarish pattern covers the ceilings (top) of this 1958 mod in Seabrook’s El Lago Estates. The property’s listing, which debuted in March, suggests building a second home on the big, park-like lot near Taylor Lake. A water view, though, means traipsing down the meandering roadway to peek through neighbors’ fences. Woodsy vistas, however, are available from almost every room in the home . . .







Brick walls and shutters on the triple window give the master bedroom a horizontal emphasis:



There are 3 secondary bedrooms:



This one, currently a study, is considered the 4th:


A small (guarded) patio near the living room . . .



and accent landscaping tame nature near the home:





Nature (trees) and nurture (yard) lie beyond the garden’s edging:




A 2-bay carport fits beneath the home’s airplane wing of a roof:


The asking price has remained $548K for the entire 2-and-a-half-month tenure of the listing. HCAD records indicate the property has had the same owner for at least 25 years.

Open Plan, Inside and Out

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  • Like the kitchen with the below ceiling windows: lots of light: the dark gray bathroom tile ; the below ceiling windows in the master shower; the lot is huge-could drop a pool / jacuzzi – hot tub/sauna ; an outdoor kitchen with a LOT of ceiling fans under roof ; a tennis court ; a small race track ; a mini -resort.Of course a hurricane / flood would roar in and mess it all up. You know this house has flooded many times…Overall it looks well maintained -airy,light filled,seems like the flow is good. The elephant foot stool in the 4th bedroom aka the study is priceless and quaint…I want one…

  • Correction: per HCAD a 1.91 acre lot. That’s a LOT of maintenance & property taxes ; and the proper architectural term is clerestory windows …It is awfully close to Galveston Bay, Clear Lake, Taylor Lake and other bodies of water that basically surround the area…And the realtor says it has NEVER flooded. If I was buying that lovely property I’d check the Flood Control District historical maps for previous floods. Just to double verify such a claim…

  • The handy-dandy HCFCD map puts the property juuuuuust inside the 200 yr flood zone. And the taxes ain’t bad either, as per HCAD, compared to mine at least :( But a full-time gardener might be in order.

  • For that money ill move to a home in brookwood

  • @Gisgo I sell a fair amount of insurance in El Lago. I am extremely familiar with the vagaries of insuring older homes there. These older homes in El Lago are among the the most expensive to insure in all of Harris County.

    The pre-FIRM flood zone is AE. That means, the future buyer will purchase a home positioned squarely in the special flood hazard area and will require a flood elevation certificate to rate properly. This is in addition to the enormous cost of homeowners insurance in El Lago. Any future buyer is looking at one to three thousand in flood insurance and three to five thousand for homeowners on this structure. Potentially, that is eight thousand in insurance for a 56 year old, two thousand square foot house with original kitchen. And some wonder why this house sits and sits on the market at half a million dollars asking.

    The lot is highly desirable and might be worth a quarter million or three hundred thousand but the size, age and cost of insuring the dwelling imputes a negative value to the mix. The property would likely move very quickly for lot value.

  • That patio is great. It only goes to show you that you do not actually need a lot of space to create something truly special and welcoming. Lovely!

  • @Jardinero1: Thanks for the expert comment. I always look forward to these in Swamplot.