Returns from the Woodlands Closet Burglary; Tracing Patrick Swayze’s Deep Oak Forest Roots


Photo of lightning at Greenway Plaza: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Good for UH. It is about time they require students to stay on campus. SMU requires 2 years on campus. UH has so much potential, and I think the University is slowing realizing that… and begining to capitalize on it.

  • The Woodlands closet robbery sounded fishy from the very start. The lady fit a stereotype of a total poser from the beginning and now she has been exposed as one in a hilarious way. Just like a ball player buying a Rolls and filing bankruptcy the next month, or a rapper paying for a posse to follow him around and getting his house foreclosed on, and in this case a white lady with terrible plastic surgery and a no real job committing insurance fraud to keep up the fake show.

  • if you find the closet robbery funny, you should follow the instagram account fakewatchbusta, he calls out all said rappers, celebrities, etc on their fake-ness.

  • it’s still not entirely clear that she’s actually a full on poseur, i mean she clearly has access to large sums of money. perhaps deluded by “stylists” and shops looking to make their fortunes off somone elses ignorance.
    and i just can’t agree with freshman on campus requirements. perhaps if UH has access to some statistical study showing a clear connection between acedemic performance and freshman living locations, but it’s certainly not something i’ve ever seen.

  • @Swampy – that really is an excellent account. I have followed him under various names as he has had numerous accounts shut down after some big names (Carmelo Anthony, for one) retaliated with lawyers after being called out for wearing fakes. I believe he has also called out Houston’s own Johnny Dang (aka TV Johnny) for selling fake watches covered in fake diamonds.

  • I think UofH is trying to follow an outdated plan. Students can be located anywhere in the world and access the same education. The future of higher education probably doesn’t involve making people sleep close to each other.

  • While i think people having fake stuff makes them well, fake, but it also makes them seem a little smarter in my mind. At least they have some sense on what they can afford and what they cant. I mean the dumb one here would be the person who really does have 20 $10k watches.

  • I’m a little skeptical about the UH on-campus requirement as well. The stats they cite aren’t that compelling, and this shouldn’t be about a university building new housing, and then deciding “let’s pass a rule to make sure we get our money back.” I suspect if UH passes this on-campus rule and it “works”, it will be because the rule drives away poorer commuter students who can’t afford to live on-campus, and whose GPAs and retention numbers are more a function of their poverty, and not that they live at or away from school.

  • Agree: it’s outdated to require freshmen to live on campus, in a secluded boarding-school -type atmosphere.

    However, schools want to acculturate freshman into college life in order to build their brand and make life-long fans and benefactors of them.

    Also campus sports, clubs, bookstores and cafeterias rely on scale to be economical.

  • I’m also VERY cynical about the UH on-campus housing requirement. Their on-campus housing is expensive for the quality of the space, IMO, and I would strongly suspect that this policy ties into the ease with which universities have been able to take on low-cost debt, raise tuition and fees, and then pass it onto students that are in turn forced into taking on easy low-cost debt. It seems like scam; and I think that it might be a bubble. This pattern of higher-ed development is certainly not limited to UH, after all

    If they had tried to force me to live on campus the first two years, I would’ve given my money to HCC instead and then transferred in.