Revised Tara Oaks Listing Sheds $420K, Gobs of Ceiling Finishes

Look familiar? A 1964 Tara Oaks home re-relisted last week after washing its face (top) of its once-touted all-encompassing custom paint motifs (above), which drew a lot of attention after an appearance on Swamplot back in May 2013. In the interim, the tweaked corner-lot property also dropped its asking price to $1.975 million, down from the $2.395 million sought in 2 previous runs on the market between May and October of this year. Last week’s new listing calls attention to the home’s newly neutral color scheme, otherwise known as white. Here’s a waltz past the interior’s Now and Then looks:


Ah, but remember when:


. . . and the good ol’ days:

The breakfast room stayed in its color range . . .

but lost the adjacent kitchen’s splash of overhead color:

Even rooms with less elaborate paint schemes appear to have been iced down:

In the master bedroom, the timber line remains — in a far more muted environment:

Faux finishes in the master bathroom also met with a milky fix:

At least one of the 4 secondary bedrooms became a blank canvas:

But another of the bedrooms stuck to its celery diet:

Not all rooms lightened up. The media room, for example, is still a darkened cave:

Meanwhile, the home’s patio with outdoor kitchen and pool area continue their open air decor:

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