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  • When I was an undergrad, they were called “steam tunnels.” Pretty much everyone I knew went steam tunneling from time to time. Aside from the sheer illicit coolness of being in these hidden places, there were practical benefits–for instance, with a little effort, one could sneak into Brown College from the steam tunnels (Brown was still all-women at the time, and therefore a magnet for college boys).

  • As of the late 90s/early 2000s, it was still easy to get into the steam tunnels, but there were threats of rustication (only allowed on campus for classes) if you were caught there. It remained a popular Orientation Week activity though.

  • I grew up across the street from Rice and the entire campus was our playground. The “Steam Tunnels” were especially fun for a variety of reasons, highlights were play cat and mouse with the campus police and general no good. I was very sad to hear that in advance of the G7 in the 90’s, all of the manholes were welded shut.

  • I can confirm that all of the manhole covers were not welded shut in the 90s. Or maybe they were removed?

  • Let’s go find out.