Rice Village TCBY Leaves Franchise, Avoiding Self-Serve Fro-Yo Redo

TCBY Rice Village owners renewed their lease at 2518 Rice Blvd. but dropped the franchise affiliation of 15 years when that agreement recently came up for renewal — a 10-year commitment. Instead, the owners launched their own ice cream and frozen yogurt shop, Purple Vanilla — not be confused with nearby retailers Purple Mango (a children’s store) and Purple Glaze (a design-your-own ceramics studio).

Newer players in the frozen confection industry such as Red Mango and Swirll are typically self-serve shops, with some charging by the portion. TCBY, founded 30 years ago, has taken notice and incorporated self-serve into the new store model it recommended for the Rice Village store. Meanwhile, its existing locations with traditional counter service are considering whether and when to retool. Or, as in the case of Purple Vanilla, whether and when to leave.


By any name, the Rice Village shop has a loyal customer base that is well established, particularly among after-school carpools, workers ending their shifts at the Texas Medical Center, and, given the range of sugar-free flavors, the diabetic and health-conscious crowd.

Photos: CALwords

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  • Wasn’t there to a place in the Village called The Purple Cow that served frozen yoghurt back in the 80s? Right next to the then-called British Market.

  • I’m pretty sure the same people own the new Purple Vanilla AND Purple Glaze…..I guess they really like the color purple???

  • From what I remember the Red Mango in Rice Village is not self-service and that’s why I like it! I like knowing how much I’m going to pay instead of a surprise at the end when I can’t do anything about it! I will miss at TCBY is the White Chocolate Mousse. Oh it is so delicious! At least there is another TCBY on the other side of 59.

  • you mean the movie?

  • I prefer the self-service kind of yogurt place. That way I can put blueberries, white chocolate chips, cap’n crunch and cheesecake bites on my chocolate and pistachio flavored froyo mix – and not get that judgement from the person making it.

  • Memory restored. It was the Cultured Cow, not the Purple Cow. History books can be amended as appropriate.

  • I wonder if they’ve tried to claim purple.com — goodluck with that! heh

  • They still have White Chocolate Mousse! That and the Chocolate tastes so much better than the old tcby’s.