Richmond from Lucky Burger to the Harp, Ready for Something

RICHMOND FROM LUCKY BURGER TO THE HARP, READY FOR SOMETHING New owners of a 50,000-sq.-ft. site at the southwest corner of Richmond and Mandell in Montrose, which includes Lucky Burger, The Harp Irish Pub, Maria Selma’s Mexican Restaurant, and Orange Bar: a partnership controlled by Braun Enterprises — the same group that bought the former Harold’s in the Heights clothing store last month. Space in the retail buildings totals more than 11,000 sq. ft. Braun tells reporter Katherine Feser his group plans to hold onto the property for now but imagines some new retail development could take place next. Leases for all 4 properties expire in 2014. [Houston Chronicle] Photo: Braun Enterprises

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  • It will be a sad day for impoverished area students and fans of barrel-shaped architecture everywhere if the Lucky Burger goes. Even though my impoverished student days are long in the past, I still stop into Lucky Burger occasionally for a greasy jalapeno burger–delish!

  • *heart* Maria Selma. Too bad their happy hour is literally one hour

    (meaning you know where I am from 5-6pm :)

  • I hope they don’t turn this into another strip mall.

  • Sounds like I better get to Lucky Burger pretty soon for some fried mushrooms.

    Hey, when Lucky Burger started serving them, it was almost unheard of and quite a novelty!

    Good shakes too!

  • That Lucky Burger barrel(keg?) is screaming for a deck and roof to become the next great ice house. With the current keg-tapping craze, the timing couldn’t be better or more architecturally befitting – just so long as they keep slinging out Lucky Burgers and the awesome tots!

  • Hmm, word on the street is that the multi-family properties and parking lot that make up the south side of the block of Richmond between Mt. Vernon and Yoakum are now under contract for supposedly around $3.5 million. Those are some big chunks of prime property. I guess we should go ahead and prepare ourselves now for our new homogeneous overlords.

  • sounds like folks are making land grabs for the upcoming rail. some of these businesses would be lucky and could probably survive the construction period due to their history and customer base, but the rising rents and new retail plots would present an additional hurdle to clear.

  • I remember Lucky Burger being built. My dad and I thought it would be a root beer stand. Loved those crinkle-cut fries, but he still always preferred Someburger on S. Shepherd and Western Kitchen on Richmond @ Greenbriar for meals-on-a-bun.

  • oh my how I will miss it – maybe the barrel can be relocated

  • A bunch of the neighborhood folks revere Lucky Burger for it’s authentic greasiness and cheesiness. Sad if another part of “old Montrose” bites the dust, but wouldn’t be surprised. I think Joel’s comment above is right on point/

  • Homogenous overlords, they may be – but from their website, Braun Enterprises specializes in some truly skanky-ass “retail” developments. Expect a Dollar Store and a wig salon to replace a couple of good restaurants and and couple of good bars.

    Why are developers all so damned thick-headed?

  • No, not Maria Selma!!! Where else am I going to get such awesome mole????

  • Seabird: totally. The mole enchiladas are insane. And 1/2 off on Tuesdays :)

  • oh man, I thought lucky burger would last forever.