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  • Another house designed by Pat Berrios, based on a home in the Woodlands from a few years back. I used to like his designs but they have gotten extremely messy, way too much stuff going on, way too many corners and curves without rhyme or reason, and WAY too many oversized windows with direct sunlight (no cover) for this climate.

    P.S. $5 million for a house out there? LOL

  • it’s like a small sample of hell! and the basin looks way too small against all that drama.

  • A Big Gulp© of a mcmansion, and a good symbol of the times in which we now live.

  • A discussion over a few beers with the architect and designer as to why they did this might be interesting.

  • Mephistopheles lived in Richmond?

  • That is one fugly house. Reminds me of the type of dwelling an exiled third-world dictator would live in. Or someone with no sense of design.

  • If someone asked when this was built I would have guessed the mid or late 1990s.

  • commonsense: Weren’t you complaining about the steel structure home the other day because it was “all squares”? Looks pretty good compared to this, don’t you agree?

  • Yes, Old School, just down the street from Beelzebub.

  • @Al, architectural fancifulness is like cologne, too little or too much is offensive to one’s senses.

  • It never ceases to amaze me just how much carnage can occur when a complete lack of good taste collides with entirely too much money. Of course I looked at every one of the images, just as I am unable to look away when driving past a horrific car wreck.