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  • The family that showers together, er, um…

  • Take a shower with your friends! And a plant!

  • I could have used that in a rental I had in SD that was occupied by swingers.
    But seriously, I thought my ‘for two’ shower at home was cool. I gotta step it up! :)

  • Or . . . the shower’s built for very, very large bodies.

  • I’m thinking……how would the average person adjust one of those shower heads?

    I sure couldn’t reach ’em.

    And I hate to whine about it but I am so tired of all the beige!!

  • I think that’s the shower of Warren Jeffs.

  • Double-wides?

  • Well how are you SUPPOSED to wash your prized horse?

  • Is there a conveyor belt on the floor? Maybe one stands still and rides through it, like a car wash.

  • I think the shower was a front. It was probably an indoor pot growing room.

  • That’s just creepy.

  • “ONE OF THE FINEST HOMES YOU’LL FIND”…just saw the rest of the photos & there sure is a whole lot of nothing. Lots of wasted space & so called details! If given for free, I’d pass!!!

  • Mr. Hancock had fond memories of his time at the prison farm.

  • Maybe the kids are all on the swim team.

  • Now that is one big shower. Looks like it could hold an “orgy”. As for the rest of the house I have 3 words: YUCK!!! YUCK!!! YUCK!!! It looks like textbook uninspired design and interior decor. Did anyone see the photo of the angled flat screen TV over the fireplace in the living room? The owners have some serious decor and placement issues.

  • It’s just space for the sake of having space

  • The architect overheard the client talking about “having a few friends over for a wedding shower.”

  • #13 lol…lol…lol

  • The photo of the shower in HAR described it as a “walk through” shower. Are there two entrances/exits? Also, I wonder if the plant in the shower was put there by the owners or by the agent for staging purposes.

  • Yes @NorhillJoe, showers now are walk-in and walk-through, zero-entry (no step) and without curtains or doors!
    It’s a brave new world.
    These designs require a lot of space – relatively – and are perfect for folks with disabilities (chair-bound.)
    Also perfect for (and I’m continuing where another poster left off…) washing the entire field of jockeys from the Kentucky Derby as well as their mounts, “Single file. Keep it moooooving.”

  • The dirty little secret to 6 head showers is that there is not enough water pressure to make them work properly. Most municipal water supplies provide enough pressure to run 2 heads adequately. After that, the pressure diminishes. Of course, I suppose that the builder could have installed an oversized water line to the house, but then you’re getting really expensive for something that will never be used. My 2 head shower works just fine.

  • Oh, and couldn’t the plumber have done a little better job with the teflon tape around the heads?

  • Each child’s room has its own theme. What was the theme of the room shown? Mellow shade of beige?

  • Oh it is a walk-through shower, see the other pass-through at the end? Hrm.

  • I’m not sure I would want to live next to the driving range. Lots of cursing there.

  • What’s up with those dead trees behind this place, and that dead palm tree in the backyard?

  • @Bill you haven’t got any dead things in your yard?
    In defense of the dead palm in the backyard, the pic was taken in winter, possibly just after a freeze.
    Just sayin’
    Anyway, these homeowners may be landscaping-challenged & decorating-challenged (and may very well be way over their heads financially,) but the dead old trees out back are just dead old trees. Killed by the development of the golf course and housing lots. At one time this area was meadow/pasture with little streams cutting through and a succession of pecan & oak forest. The developers ‘saved’ a few choice trees, the lives of which have run their natural course over the past decade.
    While the unnatural course has run over the trees.
    Of course.

  • anyone notice the second to last pic…

    “walking distance to clubhouse…” if you walk across the driving range..

  • The fake plant in the shower. Gotta be careful-someone may mistake it for a scrubbie !!

  • Not only does it look odd (and unnecessary)– imagine having to clean that.

  • The family that sprays together stays together!