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  • God I can’t wait for beige and iron work to go back out of style.

  • Superdave… it is and has been out of style since the late 90’s maybe early 2000’s. I wish builders would get the memo.

  • If something is “out of style”, but keeps getting built, and people keep buying it, is it really out of style?

  • Sure. For example.. there is an inner loop builder who builds in West U/Bellaire area who notoriously uses the travertine/iron work combo but builds big houses… they sit for a month or two and then sell at a discount to people who want to live in West U bad enough they are willing to immediately renovate. There was a house in West U, being sold by a realtor friend, that sat for about 9 months having dropped in listing from $2M to 1.5… the agent said the feedback she got was that there was too much travertine and wood everywhere.

    I think there are differences in aesthetics within the different neighborhoods of Houston as well, with inner loop trending slightly more contemporary/transitional or mid-century and the burbs doing more travertine and stained wood trimmings.

    Shag carpet is out of style too, but if you were to put it in a home in a hot area, it would still sell..