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  • I wonder how many micro Tesla you get exposed to day in and day out :(

  • Hi Addison! Chase! I love your back yard!
    I’m going to suggest that your parent’s realtor take a better pic of it, however, because it looks kind of scary with power lines and threatening clouds overhead.
    Maybe a shot downward from a drone, the roof, or from a tall ladder would highlight the privacy and nice grass and not put focus on less pleasant, immutable external factors…
    Have a great holiday. Hope I haven’t seemed like a snotty self-important a**hole.

  • hell sometimes a party table and a dunk tank are all you need.

  • movocelot: Even if that was done, given a buyer will view in person, if the power lines are dealbreakers, they’ll still be dealbreakers. I actually like using bad and scary shots as I don’t want to waste time with showings by people who think the property is better than it is. I’d rather someone that views be someone that already knows about the warts but wants to view anyway.
    Or maybe that’s the excuse I give myself for having shitty pictures of our apartments on our website :)

  • Still I believe the ‘first impression’ is made with the homes’ online ad. If this isn’t the case then why have any photos?