Richmond Strip Not Down for the Count?

RICHMOND STRIP NOT DOWN FOR THE COUNT? Real estate reporter Shaina Zucker cruises Richmond Ave., tallying up the evidence that she suggests might just point to a resurgence of that once-lively strip between Hillcroft and Chimney Rock: “30 — The number of For Lease signs visible; 4 — The number of For Sale signs visible; 6 — The number of empty lots visible; 5 — Number of active adult entertainment locations (strip clubs, novelty stores, etc.); 8 — Number of other active clubs/bars facing Richmond; 6 — Number of open fast-food locations; 20 — Number of auto sales/retailer locations; 3 — Number of active construction projects; 35,127 — Richmond at Fountain View average daily traffic volume by number of vehicles; 33,720 — Richmond at Chimney Rock average daily traffic volume by number of vehicles.” [Houston Business Journal] Photo of La Bare at 6234 Richmond: City Data

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  • I see it too, but if you look carefully, most of the new businesses will cater to the Gulfton community and hispanic population in general. Although it might be financially viable, I do not see the Washington Doucheoisie switching to Richmond.

  • If that part of Richmond strip ever comes back, it will be years, if not decades. That area was hopping when I graduated high school but by the time I got back from college in the mid-late 90’s, it was already slipping downhill.

    I’ve always wondered how much longer Richmond Arms Pub can stay open. I haven’t been there in a year or two, but I know it’s probably the only continuously operating bar still open from those days.

  • Richmond @ Chimney Rock, both a Taco Cabana and a Jack in the Box have gone out of business in the last couple of years (across the street from each other), if Richmond can’t hold on to those 2 businesses, the road is doomed….

  • @Eric,

    I was actually at the Richmond Arms yesterday after work and it had a pretty good sized crowd. Certainly no worse than it’s been in the past. Lots of people who look like they work in the Galleria or for an oil company.


  • The Gulfton Ghetto will consume the Richmond strip. Already pretty much barrio all around there.