Rick’s Cabaret Reveals Plans for Revealing Restaurant Near Johnson Space Center

RICK’S CABARET REVEALS PLANS FOR REVEALING RESTAURANT NEAR JOHNSON SPACE CENTER The owners of that family of strip clubs, Rick’s Cabaret, plan to build a new restaurant called Bombshells in Webster near the Johnson Space Center. The pun-intended eatery appears to bring together army surplus and boobs; this would be its second location; the original, shown here, can be found up in Dallas. Culturemap’s Tyler Rudick reasons out how Rick’s chose the new suburban spot: “With both Bone Daddy’s and Twin Peaks thriving in Webster, Rick’s Cabaret president Eric Langan explains . . . that the area was a logical choice.” [Culturemap; previously on Swamplot] Photo of Bombshells at 7501 N. Stemmons Fwy.: Facebook

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  • Oh man, just imagine all the memories made over family dinners at this place. “Your father chose the restaurant.”

  • So, does this officially make Webster the breastaurant district or do they need to add a Tilted Kilt first?

  • I am deeply saddened by the proliferation of such places, not least because I am too old to be seen in them.

  • Since it’s by the Johnson Space Center, it would only be fitting for a competitor called “Johnsons” to open nearby, too.

  • It’s in Webster, not exactly across the street from the Space Center. I remember when Webster was a moribund dump off the Old Galveston Road–this may not be a high-tone business, but it’s a sign of life.

    Since I’m now a sophisticated Inner Looper, I prefer to dine at Beaver’s or BRC…