RIP, The Blair House; The Latest Sculpture from David Adickes


Photo of 609 Main: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • “How a Couple Turned Their Galveston Beach Getaway Into a Full-Time Home” what is this garbage? Bad enough that the Chronicle is printing it, but here?

  • Sad to see the landscaping on Blair House went under, too. Had hoped somebody would relocate because they were very well-kept.

    They’re moving fast — when I was by there the other day, they had not started yet.

    Will be interested to see how fast they break ground and get to building. The units being constructed on the old Shell site down the block have been slow going.

  • Another piece of trite crap from Adickes, with more to come. Feh.

  • “Houston is not a good place to invest in real estate because of low cap rates.”
    Well, low cap rates are generally a side effect of people wanting to invest in an area (and willing to put up with a low cap to be able to do so). So generally low caps are a positive — provided you can get a CAP that’s higher than average. Meaning, if you can get a 7+ CAP in Houston, do it.