Rising from the Earthman: The First Ground-Floor Tenant at Gables Tanglewood

It appears that some of that hallowed ground-floor retail space in the funeral-home-exorcising Gables Tanglewood will be given over to Dish Society, a casual farm-to-table joint. No opening date has been set; apparently, the restaurant just started looking for an executive chef. The photo above shows the construction progress of the Ziegler Cooper-designed 8-story, 304-unit apartment complex at the corner of San Felipe and Bering.

Photo: Going Up! City

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  • Friends of mine are behind this. This concept has been a long time in the making and promises to be worth the wait.

  • Very typical of these mid rises, hardly anything spectacular. Unfortunately it will add congestion to an already over taxed San Felipe. Alas, I suppose it could have been worse, that’s what everyone in Houston says these days~

  • Hope it works. The location and walkability would be better if kid friendly retail(ice cream, cafe) with it being so close to TH Rogers. Unless there’s parking, I’m not walking there. Sounds too expensive for apt dwellers to eat it every night.

  • The retail restaurant can’t count on the tenants to fully cover the needed customer base. After a couple of times you eat a certain joint, no matter how good it is, you get tired, and venture out to find something new. I mean seriously, how many times can you eat lunch at the usual lunch spot located in your office building? After a while, you will fight heat and traffic just get some run of the mill Chili’s.

  • Agree with devil’s advocate. I know the menu is being finalized and prices must be in flux, but I live on Bering and was hoping for something more family friendly. Even though this complex is marketing itself as hip and cool, the area is more of a home-body part of town as I see it. If this complex does attract a bunch of high income, partying youngsters who drive down Bering at 60mph, I might die. Anyway, about the restaurant, can I get a dinner for 10 bucks and wear shorts and a t-shirt? Will it be quasi-Barnaby’s? That’s the real question. If it’s not similar, count me out.

  • Sounds so good, lucky tenants to always be able to count on a wonderful meal close to home!

  • Glad to see all of the interest in Dish Society! The concept is counter service for breakfast and lunch and table service at dinner. Think Ruggles Green, Barnaby’s, Black Walnut, but cooler. Very approachable and casual. Price points will range from $7-$15ish and we’ll have an awesome kids menu. Sign up on our website for invites to sneak peeks and menu tastings. We’d love to get people in the area involved. Look forward to meeting y’all!