Rising from the Ruins of Bally’s: A 24 Hour Fitness in Rice Village?

Will a new, third Inner Loop location for health-club chain 24 Hour Fitness take over where the Rice Village Bally’s left off? That’s what some not-so-subtle banners hung on the Dunstan St. building have been claiming for more than a month now. Plus: a bid package for the buildout was sent out to subcontractors over the summer. Other than that, we haven’t heard a thing: The new location isn’t even listed in the “coming soon” section of the fitness chain’s website. The Bally’s Total Fitness in the same building, at the corner of Dunstan and Kelvin, shut down last June.

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  • That’s convenient.. I hope they do something to those reflective windows..

  • I work out at the 24 Hour on Greenbriar and the staff their had told me that the Greenbriar location would probably close sometime after the Rice Village location is opened. They expected the Rice Village location to be open “sometime in 2011”.

  • Maybe they’ll turn the Greenbriar location back into a sing-along gay piano bar – The Briar Patch.

    %%%New York, New Yooooorrrk!%%%

  • That Piano was moved to Briar Patch’s second location (now Crocker Bar) and then to the third location under the name Key’s West (now Tony’s Corner Pocket). The piano from what I heard went to someone’s home, but a piano also showed up at Michael’s Outpost on Richmond.

    Anyway, I’m happy for 24-Hour Fitness. They seem to have a much better business model than Bally’s. People don’t want to be locked into a 3year contract! Luckily I work out at home.

  • GTL Baby!! What time is it? TTTTTTTTT SHIRT TIME!!

  • I work out at 24 hour fitness, and my trainer said it was going to be a “super sport” (or something upscale like that) and have a juice bar and lots of extra features. He confirmed it would be open in 2011. If its anything like the one on Richmond and S Post Oak, it will be very nice.

  • I am going to be super mad if it is a Super Sport. I have my 24 Hour membership through Costco and it doesn’t allow Super Sports as part of it. If they close my Greenbriar gym, I am screwed. Blarg.

  • In my fantasy world, those of us that were screwed when the Village Bally’s closed could have our memberships taken over by this new 24 Hr Fitness. Especially after we were told during the sales pitch that the Village Bally’s was about to be updated with millions of dollars in new equipment. The shutting down came as a little bit of a surprise. Yes, we can drive to Post Oak and use that Bally’s instead, but this is Houston and I don’t want to drive.

    Katie – I would hope 24 HR would at least give you upgraded status to use the new one if they shut your current gym.

  • The building is getting a thorough and much-needed facelift.

  • I’ve always gotten a bad vibe from that building.

  • I’m sure it’s common knowledge by now, but this opens Saturday the 26th. If you are a member at the Greenbriar location you automatically get upgraded to this location. I’m looking forward to the opening.

  • I have never been able to take 24 Hour Fitness seriously ever since I saw an ad of theirs with fine print that said, “hours vary by location.”