River Oaks District To See Action, Adventure

RIVER OAKS DISTRICT TO SEE ACTION, ADVENTURE The last we heard the River Oaks District was providing “move out concierges” to help Westcreek Apartment residents get off the property west of Highland Village where the upscale mixed-use cluster is going; now it appears that something’s moving in, the Houston Chronicle‘s Nancy Sarnoff reports: Florida-based iPic has signed a lease to build a 560-seat octoplex. It might not end up looking like the rendering shown here, but it will be called “Escape,” reports Sarnoff, and it will allow moviegoers to pick — get it? — among escalators, self-serve ticket kiosks, beers on tap, recliners, and pillows and blankets. [Prime Property; previously on Swamplot] Rendering: Oliver McMillan

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  • I have to have several strong drinks under my belt to sit down on the couches at Marfreless … I cannot imagine willingly using a blanket or pillow at a movie theater. Ewww.

  • This sounds like a bad idea. Can you say “contamination.” I can just see the spread of illness and disease already occuring.

  • Why are cooties the first thing some people think about?

  • Andrea, Fernando:
    If you’ve flown in the front cabin on an international flight, you know this can be done in a non-icky way. Whether it WILL be done in a non-icky way remains to be seen.

  • Half-wits can’t shut off cell phones and stop themselves from talking throughout the film, how you going to instruct them to wipe the Norovirus off their pudgy fists.

  • my word. I guess ignoring my mom when I was a kid and eating lots of dirt helped to boost my immune system, because sitting on a chair, using a pillow, or blanket randomly hasn’t sent me to the hospital yet.