River Oaks Honky-Tonk Blanco’s To Close, Look for New Location

A source close to Blanco’s ownership tells Swamplot that by November the West Alabama bar and grill will close. Meanwhile, Blanco’s will be scouting for a new location, the source says, “somewhere in the area.” Swamplot reported in January that St. John’s School was buying 13 acres of property in River Oaks that include 3406 West Alabama St., where the incongruous honky-tonk and its dusty parking lot — owned for decades by Barry E. DeBakey, the heart surgeon’s son who died in 2007 of liver failure — have been for 30 years.


The map shows the 13 acres sold by the Taub family to St. John’s; Blanco’s lies south of the outfield fence of the baseball diamond at left.

Images: Candace Garcia (Blanco’s); St. John’s School (map)

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