River Oaks Plants in Rice Village

RIVER OAKS PLANTS IN RICE VILLAGE Village Flowery and River Oaks Plant House, 6103 Kirby Dr. at Rice Blvd., Rice Village, HoustonThe River Oaks name spreads its tendrils again: Just a day or so after shuttering its location on the corner of Westheimer and Buffalo Speedway, topiary-in-a-pot hotspot River Oaks Plant House has sprouted in a new location, 6103 Kirby Dr., where it’s already open for business. Evicted from its longtime home on land bought last year by the St. John’s School, the greenery retailer has responded by buying the Village Flowery, an employee tells Swamplot. The Village Flowery is perched on the western reaches of the Rice Village on the southeast corner of Kirby and Rice Blvd. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo: Lisa Garvin

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