‘Robot Brothel’ Planned for Houston Not Getting Warm Welcome; Hopdoddy Number 4 Heads to CityCentre

Photo of path between Buffalo Bayou and Sawyer St.: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: “Robot Brothels”

    Just how sick can people get? How proud their mothers, wives and daughters would be! Perhaps LOSERS think they need a place like this, but they should get a grip on themselves instead and think about it.

  • Honestly my biggest concern with that one was the note from the company in the earlier articles that the dolls would get wiped down with “antiseptic liquid” between each use. Can we say “resistant bacteria?”

    Any bets on exact location yet?

  • The robot brothel is not even a crime. If it was a crime, it would be a victimless crime. There are a lot of issues and concerns with it, like the icky icky icky factor, but it is just like any other sex oriented business. Perhaps a bit grosser, but allowed nonetheless.

  • It sure seems like replacing demand for prostitutes who are often victims of trafficking with robots would be a GOOD thing. The Mayor and some of these other folk need to get over their Victorian-era mores and stop caring who (or what) consenting adults have sex with. Unless we’re worried about how the freaking sex toy feels about being used as a sex toy. This would be a positive step towards cutting down on human trafficking, which supposedly our local government is hot to address.
    @saturnflytrap – And an actual prostitute is somehow more sanitary?

  • I actually don’t see the “moral” problem with the “robot brothel” operation. You want to talk about belittling women, why not also target the many, many disgusting strip clubs in this city? Seems highly hypocritical. However, the one problem I do see is the lack of sterilization for the “robots” between each use. That sounds like a major health issue.

  • Re: city cynic
    “they should get a grip on themselves instead”. Clever

  • Umm…yea…I’m going to wait until I get home from work before hitting the Robo-Brothel link.

  • @Chris C — without getting too far into the graphic details, I’m going to hazard a guess that there are fewer antiseptic liquids around to help breed superbugs, but I guess I wouldn’t know for sure

  • It’s been a long time since I took the exam, but the “robot brothel” issue sounds like a bar exam question. Truth is stranger than fiction.

  • If only the robots had been around Maryland high schools in the 80s.

  • robot brothel sounds creepy as hell. But shouldn’t be illegal. Let people do whatever the f they want if it doesn’t harm anyone else.

  • As noted philosophers Tammi Terrell and Marvin Gaye observed, there ain’t nothing like the real thing.

    That said, regardless of any moral concerns, this puts me in the mind of a time I stayed in a Las Vegas hotel room with a fancy Jacuzzi. Sure, it might be nice to give it a try but I wouldn’t want to think of whom had come therein before me.