Royce Builders: So Hard To Say Goodbye

Another report on that Royce Builders sales meeting earlier this week:

I was in attendance at the infamous “Forget the Rumors and sell, sell, sell! [meeting.] We all thought the meeting was called to thank a dedicated and hard working group of sales people. Never once did the Speers humble themselves to utter a thank you for any contributions. We were asked to continue to sell the inventory, but they could not tell us where we would close the home nor how we would get paid. They had Countrywide Sr. Loan Officer Shawna Oakley present because we were told that all the sales on the books at been transferred to her. This did not make a bit of sense because the homes still have liens. We were told the bank was in control out of one side of the mouth and then told that they were trying to find another Title Co. It is no secret that Stewart Title out on Bay Area Blvd. is up to their ears in legals.

We all felt that the Speers should have just told everyone goodbye. The building is basically empty, there are 2 construction workers, 1 accounting person, 1 hr per son and the poor girl answering all the dirty calls and giving callers the runaround. Hats off to Fox’s Mr. Carey for trying . . . to report the truth about Royce Homes.

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  • At what point do these Speers folks get charged with fraud? Hard to believe anyone would stick around while the company has already obviously gone down the tubes… do these poor, hopeful folks really think they’ll collect what’s owed to them?

  • Any sales counselor who thinks they’re getting paid a commission on anything closing during this time is an absolute moron! Get out now, and let the snakes fend for themselves!