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  • exactly correct John has now taken up residence in what used to be the VP of Hammersmith’s office, Terie Gresham is now in the underwriters office, what a bunch of snakes, I guess they think they are in hiding as ROYCE if they are hidden away at Hammersmith. Buyers and vendors I’m sure would be very interested to know the rats are STILL in the building. Hunter I hear had his last day last Friday and Ryan Gresham and Nikki have once again been spotted on the premises (working), go figure. If I’m not mistaken weren’t they laid off too??? What’s up with that?

  • We saw the moving trucks Friday afternoon as we passed by on the beltway. As former sub-subcontractors we had a good laugh about karma. We quit dealing with this type builder a couple years ago, what a good decision that was.

  • It seems these guys are at least letting employees know as things hit the dumps. Thad Moore, over at Savoy Custom Homes just didn’t show up one day and that was that. He didn’t even pay his employees their last paycheck.

  • Realtors receivved an email today with pricing for all remaining Royce Homes.