Rumbling Behind the Village Fence: A Sonoma Defeat Garden?

What’s all that heavy equipment doing on the former Sonoma battleground in the Rice Village? Is the project back from the dead?

No. The West University Examiner‘s Michael Reed reports that the fenced-in site of the sacrificed commercial building along Bolsover between Kelvin and Morningside is being used as a staging area for the portion of the Kirby Dr. reconstruction project that stretches between Quenby and Bissonnet. And:

Public Works Department spokesman Alvin Wright said the agreement to use the land was entered into by the Kirby project contractor and Lamesa [Properties], not the city of Houston.

What about those other big ideas for using the liberated land?

Additionally, the Examiner has learned negotiations between the property owner and a residential civic group are under way to make another portion of the property a community garden.

Photo of former Sonoma site from Dunstan Rd.: West University Examiner

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  • Smart play by either Lamesa or the road contractor.

    Road jobs in the city are always a pain to do setup if there is a place to stage equipment. I don’t know who initiated the discussion between the two, but it’s a great move. The only problem is that the equipment will have to travel two blocks to Kirby back and to the staging site. That street is uses won’t be pretty.

  • It’s a smart play by the road contractors, no doubt. But not so nice for those who live along the side streets connecting Kirby and the Bolsover site. At least the large vacant lot was mostly just an eyesore–now they’re spreading the love through dust, noise, etc.

    Seems like a risky move by Lamesa. Generate some $ now to pay the bills, but get everybody in the neighborhood even madder at you.

    benjy’s and kelvin arms must be thrilled to have the demo pile as a new backdrop.

  • wow, they stopped that development. the developer had to take a hit on that. the cost of the land surely required a higher density than the community is willing to accept. i guess it could become a write-off; if there is talk of donating it, it will be interesting to see if the city is even willing to accept it to maintain as a public park space. my guess would be ‘no’.