S. Rice Readies for Triple Chicken Fight in the Walmart Parking Lot(s)

Triple Chicken junction on S. Rice, Gulfton, Houston, 77081

The density of fast-food chicken options at S. Rice Ave. just south of 59 is increasing precipitously, a couple of readers note. The most recent addition: the newly-constructed Chik-Fil-A at 5325 S. Rice Ave. (visible above on the right, just south of Pollo Loco and across the street from Raising Cane’s). The Chik-Fil-A is not yet officially open for fowl distribution (though it does appear to be giving away prizes on Facebook. The Pollo Loco and Chik-Fil-A represent the fulfillment of the Wal-Mart Supercenter version of the Shoppes at Uptown Crossing site plan, passed around back in 2014; the Marriott Town & Place shown on that plan has since come to be as well:



Triple Chicken junction on S. Rice, Gulfton, Houston, 77081

It’s not clear whether the Raising Cane’s (in the parking lot of bulk-size big-box store Sam’s Club, which is also owned by Walmart) was part of a coordinated chickening-out of the area, or merely an incidental selection.

Images: Swamplot inbox (photos), Capital Retail Properties (flier)

Flocking Together in Gulfton

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  • That’s a lot of chicken options in a small area. One could call it a “clustercluck”.

  • there is already a name for such a density, its houston’s “chicken strip”

  • Getting in and out of that parking lot is deadly. Wish there was a light or a way to get to that lot without having to go on South rice.

  • I believe we have a “Cock Fight” on our hands!!

  • Feeling a bit peckish, having been cooped up all day, thought I’d get in my car and just wing it. After a few miles I was getting pretty cocky, then my engine began clucking, like the plugs were fowled. I polled over and looked up, to behold three chicken places nestled close together, as if yolked. I went loco!

  • Dear Micro Center & Wal-Mart: I hate visiting these stores. Traffic on Sage is unbearable from the north. Please work on it. New entrance on Westpark maybe?