Sabetta Café Makes Sure To Feed the Blogs First

How cute! Just a few days after a restaurant publicist emails news about the new Sabetta Café & Wine Bar set to open in the former location of Café Zol at 2411 South Shepherd just south of Fairview, a Swamplot “reader” sends in a photo (which just happens to be named in the same very specific style as the ones sent by the publicist) of the new sign out front and asks us if we know anything about it.

Only what you tell us! Let’s see: that it’ll be the new digs of former Simposio’s executive chef Riccardo Palazzo-Giorgio and his wife, Donna; that they’ll be serving “classic, signature dishes from the twenty-two different culinary regions of Italy,” and that you expect it to open in May.

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  • “classic, signature dishes from the twenty-two different culinary regions of Italy”

    I know I’m probably dreaming here, but is there any chance that a regionally focused Italian restaurant can open? And if one exist in Houston, can someone point it out?

    Typically what we eat as Italian in the US is a conglomeration of all these regions into dishes that would never be recognized in Italy.

  • About as classy as managers writing their own apartment reviews.

  • The publicist’s method may not be textbook, but it worked here.

  • I miss the Monterey House that was there first.

  • Another Italian restaurant, huh? Like Montrose doesn’t have enough Italian restaurants. :-) It’d be nice to have something else, like an Indian restaurant — there aren’t any in Montrose unless you count the few British-style Indian dishes at Red Lion Pub.

  • What culinary region of Italy brought us bottomless salad and bread sticks?

  • I dunno, Chef Boyardee satisfies my Italian food cravings.

  • KJB – Fratelli’s at 34th and 290 focuses well on the Emiliana – Romagna regional Italian cuisine. I’ve recommended it to folks looking for regional Italian and they’ve loved it.

    Fratelli’s is unassuming and easy to miss tucked into the strip center behind the Black Eyed Pea. It’s family owned, and Sra. Theresa is always good for conversation. Also, they have an open kitchen and an owner-built pizza oven they had a bureaucratic nightmare installing.

    I highly recommend the Pollo alla Dragoncello. Try it before you die.

  • Thanks Nord,

    I’ve seen it tucked away in that shopping center. Now I need to go. It’s not far from where I work. You may make me a regular.

  • The foodies don’t seem to be getting too worked up over this one. They’ve got their favorites and if you’re not one of them, you’re gonna need every bit of PR you can get.

  • Fratelli’s at 34th and 290 is wonderful.

    Aside from the great food and service you can actually have a conversation without having to shout at your dining companions.

  • This spot is snake-bit. Cursed, if you will. The only cure for this is a truly superior restaurant group that knows how to make it work. An example would be the Barnaby’s people taking that tucked away “grotto” spot in Tanglewood recently; now it’s packed constantly…often by myself. Le Peep is taking adjacent space, another group with a deep enough following to pull out the gloom of the old Sweet Mesquite place. I wish these guys all the luck in the world, but some places are just doomed and will continue a revolving door of operators.

  • This place is awesome! Finally an AUTHENTIC Italian restaurant. FYI they DON’T serve breadsticks at most Italian restaurants in Italy! Although they have bread upon request at Sabetta, each guest is greeted with a complimentary Caponata (A small piece of toasted bread topped with a gourmet mixture of eggplant, tomatoes, capers, olives, onion, anchovies, vinegar..) upon entering the restaurant. Sabetta is designed so that one may create their own dining experience by choosing as many courses as they care to… Antipasti, Primi, Secondi with the prices starting at just six dollars! Even the most expensive item on the menu is only eighteen dollars. It opens the door to quality food to those who might go broke trying to buy it before now. Even the wine is very reasonably priced, all Italian and representing the different regions of Italy. Go at twilight, sit on the patio, order a bottle and take it from there.

  • (Who wants to go to a restaurant in a stripmall all the way outside the loop? Too far, too tacky.)

  • I have eaten here and it was horrible. Bland, uninspired food with long waits for it, tacky decor, cheesy music, etc… It is not cheap either.

  • Guessing Bob works for them or is a relation. The place was a disappointment and the very limited wine selection and menu were hardly “very reasonably priced”.